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Operating Engineers Local 3

Members of the Operating Engineers Local 3 are engaged in every phase of the East Span project. If there's a piece of heavy equipment at work, an operating engineer is at the controls.

The majority of Local 3 Operating Engineers are heavy equipment operators, mechanics, drillers, crane operators, concrete pumpers, soil testers and inspectors, surveyors and dredgers who have been highly trained in their craft.

To learn more, visit
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 Website

After an initial five weeks of training, apprentices are dispatched to jobs for on-the-job education and work with union contractors. Equipment operators reach journey level after working 6,400 hours on the job as an apprentice, or roughly four years under normal economic circumstances. Mechanics and crane operators reach journey level after 8,400 hours of on-the-job training as an apprentice, which takes about five years to complete.

Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 is the largest of the 170 local unions within the International Union of Operating Engineers and the largest construction trades local in the United States. Local 3 has nearly 40,000 members throughout its jurisdiction of Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming and portions of South Dakota.

With offices in Sacramento and Alameda, Local 3 also represents nearly 10,000 public employees. More than 3,000 law enforcement personnel throughout Northern California are affiliated with Local 3. Other Local 3 public employees include California Department of Transportation maintenance workers, city, county and special district maintenance and public works employees, firefighters, school bus drivers, and more.

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