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Job Glossary

From obvious to obscure, definitions of the jobs it will take to build the new East Span:

Carpenter A worker who build or repairs wooden structures or their structural parts. In addition to other work on the East Span project, carpenters build frames for concrete work and other structures.

Cement mason A worker skilled in the craft of cement work. Includes concrete finishing on highways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as operating concrete saw and scoring machines.

Civil engineer An engineer who plans, designs and supervises construction of public structures.

Contractor A company that contracts to perform work, build structures or provide supplies. A general contractor has responsibility for an entire project. A subcontractor is hired by the contractor to perform a specific portion of a project or supply materials.

Electrical engineer A specialist in electrical devices and systems, and with the use and nature of electricity.

Electrician Someone trained in the craft of installing, maintaining, repairing and operating electrical systems.

Engineer Someone who applies a knowledge of math and natural science to practical ends, such as the design, construction and operation of structures.

Foreman A field supervisor in charge of a group of workers.

Geotechnical engineer An expert who evaluates and stabilizes foundations for buildings, roads and other structures. Geotechnical engineering deals with geology, soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering, ground improvement, land reclamation, deep excavation, underground construction and related work.

Iron worker Someone trained in the erection and fabrication of steel. On the East Span projects, iron workers will be engaged in the erection of the Suspension Section and in the building of the Stockton Precast yard.

Laborer A worker trained in several areas of construction work, including the handling of hazardous materials . Laborers help build highways, bridges, tunnels, factories, dams, schools, churches and other structures.

Operating engineer A worker trained in the operation of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, graders and cranes. Operating engineers also do equipment repair and maintenance, surveying, soil testing, inspecting and dredging.

Piledriver A worker trained to drive piles that support bridge foundations. A piledriver is also called a pilebutt.

Resident engineer A project's supervising engineer, usually working for a project owner, such as Caltrans.

Structural engineer An expert in the behavior and design of structures. Structural engineering deals with structural analysis and design of concrete and steel structures, structural dynamics and mechanics, concrete technology, computational mechanics, structural safety and other related work.

Welder Someone trained in the craft of welding. In addition to other work on the East Span project, welders join large steel pipes into piers.

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