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About This Site

NewBayBridge.org is owned and managed by the California Alliance for Jobs, a non-profit labor-management partnership representing the heavy construction industry of Northern and Central California. The Alliance's main web site is www.rebuildca.org.

The content of this site was produced by the Alliance and its vendors with the cooperation of Caltrans, the contractors and labor unions engaged in the construction of the new East Span.

Comments or corrections should be directed to Alliance Communications Director Dennis Oliver by email at [email protected].


This website would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. We are particularly grateful to the following:

KFM -Lee Andersen, Goving Friedland, Kurt Hinkle, Mike Merrill, Dave Nielsen, Erik Nelson, Pedro Santos, Chris Villa

Caltrans - Greg Bayol, Dan Bradfield, Doug Coe, Rich Duncan, Clive Endress, Andy Fremier, Leonard Fiji, Bill Howe, Colin Jones, Stanley Ku, Janet Pape, Pete Siegenthaler, Mark Vilcheck, John Walters, Beau Wrightson

Celestial Arts Publishing- Carrie Rodrigues

Gordon. N. Ball Inc. - Christine Luna, Gene Lovisone, Dennis Styles

Operating Engineers - Ken Oku

Parsons Brinkerhoff - Paul Kooner

Pomegranate Press - Lori Osterhuber

T.Y. Lin International - Leslie Jenkins, Rafael Manzanrez, P.E., Dr. Marwan Nader

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