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NewBayBridge Team

This site was created by…

Dennis Oliver
Site Manager
Communications Director, California Alliance for Jobs
[email protected]

Paul Mauriello
Site design & developer
Shiller Communications
[email protected]

Gary Mercer
Working Media corporate documentaries and broadcast production
[email protected]

Sarah Dalske
Photography, Site Maintenance
Communications and Research Specialist, California Alliance for Jobs
[email protected]


Lee Andersen
Photography, Business Manager, KFM

Jim Pahl
Photography, Survey Manager, KFM

Nick Lammers
[email protected]

Govind Friedland
Photography, Engineer, KFM

Bob Cuddy

In Memorium

Tom Goff (1953-2003)
This site was written and produced by the late Tom Goff and is dedicated in his memory.

Initial site design and development by Flickerbox, Inc., Educational Web Adventures, Max Media Inc.

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