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Designing and building a bridge to withstand earthquakes
is no easy challenge. Explore the science, technology and people involved in the bridge with these interactive learning modules and simulations!
Quake Country

Learn what causes earthquakes and see what scientists are predicting for the the coming quake.

Earthquake diagram from Quake Country
Engineering For Earthquakes
Take on the challenge facing bridge designers and design a bridge that can withstand a Maximum Seismic Event—then test your bridge to see how it fares! (Requires Flash)
Bridge simulation from Engineering for Earthquakes
Two Miles 2000 Hands
Explore key moments in the bridge's construction and meet some of the people and technologies involved in the new bridge. (Requires Flash)
Two Miles screen shot
Build Your Bridge is designed for middle school and supports California State Content Standards for 6th grade science. More...

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Two Miles 2,000 Hands