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The following companies are performing work on the Skyway portion of the new East Span project:

Ameron/WTG - Piling supplier.

Anning-Johnson Co. - Installation of piling shear studs and top plate footings.

Austin Powder Co. -- Blasting supplies for W2 project.

California Readymix, Inc. - Concrete supplier, Oakland yard.

Collins Electrical Co. - Electrical work at Precast yard.

D&N; Concrete pumping Inc. - Precast Yard concrete pumping.

DEAL S.r.L. - Fabrication of straddle carrier and precast beds in Stockton.

Edward W. Scott Electric Co - Precast Yard electric work.

Harris Salinas Rebar, Inc.- Supply and installation of rebar at Oakland Yard.

Inspection Services, Inc. - Concrete/welding testing services.

Integral Vision Inc., - Construction management software supplier

Kiewit Offshore Services - Furnish and transport steel pier footings.

Kiewit Pacific Co. - Furnish and install foundation piles at Precast Yard.

Lawrence Construction Co. - Precast Yard foundation prep.

Marinship Construction Services - Furnish and install drainage at Precast yard.

Menck GMBH - Pile hammer supplier.

Martinez Steel Corp. - Rebar installation, Precast Yard.

Neils Controlled Blasting Inc. - Blasting services for W2 project.

Westar Marine Services - Tug and crew boat service.

Worldwide Land Surveys and Civil Engineering, Inc. - Construction surveying.

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