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Guest Galleries

Guest Galleries showcase the talents of professional and amateur Northern California photographers who specialize in construction photography or whose work provides a unique perspective on the East Span construction. Guest Galleries will be added over the life of the project. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

About Lee Andersen

Lee Andersen is a Sr. Business Manager for the Pacific Structures District of Kiewit Pacific Co., the lead firm in the KFM Joint Venture. He is currently the Compliance Manager and EEO Officer for the Oakland site. Lee has been with Kiewit 28 years on various large construction projects on the West Coast and Intermountain West. Such project include the High-rise West Seattle Bridge in Seattle, WA: the San Joaquin Hills Toll Road in Orange County, CA; the I-15 Reconstruction Project in Salt Lake City, Utah; and the I-25 Reconstruction Project in Denver, CO. Lee has also worked in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and Secunda, South Africa. "I have always had my camera handy at the jobsites. I enjoy taking pictures and really like the new digital technology"

He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

About Joseph A. Blum

San Franciscan Joseph A. Blum is a retired boilermaker who specializes in documenting people's work in black-and-white photography.

His current projects include both the Bay Bridge and the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge over the Carquinez Strait.

His work has been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum, the J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University, the Photo Center and Somarts Gallery in San Francisco. His work is in the collections of the Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley, the Labor Archives of San Francisco State University and other collections.

He can be reached at: People and Work Photography 415-648-0474 or by e-mail at [email protected].

About Govind Friedland

Govind Friedland is an Engineer for Kiewit, the lead firm in the KFM Joint Venture. He is currently assigned to planning and supervising the assembly of the Modified Short Line Casting Bed at the Stockton Precast Yard. Before working on form assembly, he was the engineer during erection of the two 175-ton gantry Cranes and the massive 820-ton straddle carrier on site in the Stockton Precast Yard.

Friedland holds a BS in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has worked in mineral and petroleum exploration throughout North America and Asia. He can be emailed at [email protected]

About Bill Hall

Bill Hall is Senior Photographer with the state Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Since joining Caltrans in 1998, Hall has shot a range of assignments from construction work to special events to the building of the new East Span. Before coming to Caltrans, Hall worked in advertising and corporate photography.

He can be emailed at [email protected].

About John Huseby

John Huseby is a Senior Photographer with the state Department of Transportation (Caltrans). His assignments range from construction documentation and scenics to executive portraits and special events. He is a 1987 Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, with a BA degree in Portraiture. Before coming to Caltrans in 2000, Huseby operated his own photo studio in Walnut Creek.

He can be emailed at [email protected].

About Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson is union piledriver and a certified welder. He has worked from Alaska to El Salvador as pilebutt and as a commercial diver in the offshore oilfield industry. An occasional photographer with a keen eye for scene and detail, he took the photos posted in his Guest Gallery while working as a foundation pile welder on the Skyway portion of the East Span project.

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