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Bridging by Numbers

200,000,000 Pounds of structural steel to be used in the new East Span.
120,000,000 Pounds of reinforcing steel.
450,000 Cubic yards of concrete.
200,000 Linear feet of piling.
17,000 Vertical plastic pipe drains embedded in the Oakland landing area.
16,000 Gallons of epoxy used to join Skyway roadway sections.
11,525 In feet, length of the entire East Span.
5,000 Miles of half-inch steel strands in the tension cables running through the Skyway.
780 In tons, the weight of the heaviest Skyway section.
525 Height of Suspension tower above average sea level.
365 In tons, the weight of each steel pile.
310 The number of feet each steel pile will be driven on a slant into the Bay mud.
160 Number of steel piles.
80 In feet, width of a Skyway deck section.
32 In feet, the distance between vertical suspender cables.
30 In feet, the height of a Skyway section.
28 Piers (14 sets of doubles) supporting the Skyway.
25 In feet, the length of a Skyway deck section.
8 In feet, the diameter of each steel pile.
5 Lanes of traffic in each direction.
2 Traffic shoulders.
1 Bike/Pedestrian lane.
1/16 inch The thickness of each epoxy layer applied to each Skyway road section joint.

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