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Progress made on suspension span anchorage

June 15, 2004  

Significant progress has been made on the Yerba Buena Island project site that will serve as the western landing point for the new bridge’s unique self-anchored suspension span. Last year, crews blasted holes 90 feet deep into solid rock to make way for steel-reinforced concrete supports for the suspension span. New Bay Bridge photographer Joe Blum was on hand to capture the work. Here, Blum documented the arrival of two 103-ton weldments that will be used help support the roadway.

For more information about the W2 job site, go to the W2 Page.


1. Here, workers secure a 10 x 20-foot weldment to a truck bed to be transported from Treasure Island to the W2 job site. The welded steel structure arrived by barge.


2. The truck ride is slow but sure with this 103-ton load.


3. Two cranes are used to hoist the weldment from the truck bed.


4. Each weldment is carefully lowered into place at suspension span anchor locations.


5. Getting closer, and guided by workers, the crane operator carefully guides the massive structure in for a perfect landing.


6. Almost home.


7. Workers secure the weldment and finish the job. This baby isn’t budging.


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