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About the California Alliance for Jobs

About the California Alliance for Jobs

The California Alliance for Jobs, the owner and manager of www.newbaybridge.org, represents 1,750 heavy and highway construction companies and the more than 50,000 union construction workers they employ from Kern County to the Oregon border.

A unique partnership of three contractor associations and two labor unions, the Alliance strives to create construction jobs, improve the climate for public works investment, promote the value of unionized heavy construction and improve public understanding and appreciation of our industry.

Our members build and maintain the core infrastructure that Californians rely on every day - streets, highways, power plants, sidewalks, railways, bridges, tunnels, sewers, pipelines, dams, parks and stadiums.

The structures our members build play a key role in the production and transport of the goods, services, power and water that keep our economy thriving. Our industry generates jobs and revenue that help make California's economy one of the world's largest.

Through our programs and services, we're helping the heavy construction industry of Northern and Central California stay on the job of making our state a better place to live, a place where Californians can flourish and enjoy the quality of life they have come to value and expect.

To learn more, visit our home website at www.rebuildca.org.

Our Mission Statement

The California Alliance for Jobs is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the men and women of Northern and Central California's heavy construction industry. Heavy construction is an engine for our state's prosperity and the key to a better quality of life. An investment in our infrastructure is an investment in the future. Together, the Alliance and its members are building a better California, today and for generations to come.

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