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Patience needed for construction on Bay Bridge

April 26, 2004 Reposted from the San Jose Mercury News
   By Gary Richards

Q For the past year, my commute from San Francisco to Oakland takes me through downtown and onto the Bay Bridge, usually at the entrance at First and Harrison streets. The seismic retrofit work being done on the west side of the bridge usually blocks off one or two lanes during rush hour. Also, it seems to rotate from the right lane to the left lane on different days. Where can I view the schedule for work so I know which days to avoid these closings?

Brian Mullen
San Francisco

A Caltrans normally does not provide closing schedules because the project is ever-changing. For example, a few weeks ago, First Street was to be closed between Howard and Folsom, but the contractor was going gangbusters and was two weeks ahead of schedule. Then when it appeared closings were needed, the temporary ramp created to handle buses was not ready. Sometimes it's better to say nothing.

Q Why is so much work on the Bay Bridge being done during the day, specifically during heavy rush-hour traffic?

Brian Mullen

A The state tries to avoid working during rush hour, so all traffic-affecting construction is stopped from 2 to 6 p.m. Some of the road closings around this project have to remain closed to protect people and equipment.

Q And, last, why are two lanes sometimes blocked out during weekday traffic?

Brian Mullen

A Most lane closings are actually during the weekend to avoid rush-hour problems.

Says Jack-The-Caltrans man: ``Please remember, we are attempting to replace an entire freeway while people are driving on it.''

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