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Local consortium to bid on Bay Bridge work

March 11, 2004 Reposted from The Business Journal of Portland
   By Shelly Strom

A consortium of local metal fabrication shops is vying for work on a project to replace the east span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The consortium, known as Bay Bridge Fabricators LLC, announced Thursday that it has signed a tentative lease for property at the Port of Vancouver in Vancouver, Wash.

Bay Bridge Fabricators is bidding to manufacture and fabricate 32,000 tons of steel that will be used as decking on the new span.

"It is a competitive advantage to have four major steel fabricators [experienced in bridge work] within a 25-mile radius in this region with waterfront access," Bay Bridge spokesman Tom Hickman said.

Hickman said his group is confident because not only do the four local metal fabricators collectively offer a breadth of experience, but the metro area's capable labor force and relative close geographic proximity to the Bay Area and marine shipping make Bay Bridge attractive.

Bay Bridge comprises Oregon Iron Works Inc., Thompson Metal Fab Inc., Universal Structural Inc. and Fought & Co. Inc. Facilities operated by those companies would continue to function separately but would serve as the initial fabrication sites for bridge components. Partially built components would be barged to the new port site for completion before being sent to California.

The contract would require 300 new employees and would take approximately 5 years to complete.

Bay Bridge selected a 25-acre site at the port's Terminal 4. Plans call for investing $18 million to build a 406,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and purchasing an estimated $12 million in equipment.

Also part of the tentative deal is a lease for 10 acres of adjacent property that is owned by the Clark County Sheriff's Office. That site would be used for storage.


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