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Closing the Gap

September 20 , 2004  

The day is drawing near that crews from KFM will connect the first two piers on the East Span's long Skyway segment. In this photo from September 16, progress is clearly evident between two piers (supporting columns) near the Oakland side. With another roadway segment floating on a barge below, roadway sections connected to Piers 15 and 16 are just one step from meeting in the middle. KFM officials estimate the two piers will be connected around November 1. Once a roadway section is lifted into place (by the yellow lifting device), a network of steel compression cables running through the segments are connected, cinched and tightened. A final concrete pour seals the deal.


Only two short segments remain to close the narrowing gap between Piers 15 and 16, the two support columns closest to the Oakland shore in the Skyway project in these photographs from September 20.

Photos by Joseph A. Blum


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