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Sections Get a Move On

July 19, 2003  
The first two sections of the new Bay Bridge’s roadway arrived in Oakland late Thursday evening. The segments, weighing hundreds of tons, were loaded on a barge Wednesday in Stockton, and shipped via the Stockton Deep Water Ship Canal to the San Joaquin Delta, through Suisun Bay and San Pablo Bay into San Francisco Bay guided by two tug boats.

The inaugural 75-mile journey went smoothly. Crane operators spent much of Wednesday carefully lifting a segment and carrying it slowly and carefully to the barge. After gingerly lowering each section, crews clamped them into place, securing them for the journey. Early Thursday morning, the barge set sail. This is the first of over 200 barge trips that will take place down the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Once on site, giant “sleds” will lift the segments up and hold them in place as they are permanently attached to support columns.

Learn more about operations at the Stockton Precast Yard.
Learn more about the new bridge’s “Skyway” segment.

Stockton, we have liftoff
Under the baking Central Valley sun, crews inch a roadway segment, weighing hundreds of tons off the ground on July 21, 2004.
After a slow and careful move, the segment nears
the barge (in background)
and workers position the section over steadying clamps on July 21, 2004.
A distant Mt. Tamalpais is visible through the haze as the new roadway segments hit the open waters of San Pablo Bay bound for Oakland on July 22, 2004.
With the landmark C&H Sugar plant in Crockett in the background, the first segments of the new Bay Bridge pass beneath three generations of spans. Hours after leaving Stockton on July 22 2004, the barge, with two segments aboard approaches the John A Nejedly Bridge in Antioch built in 1978. The proud tower of the new Al Zampa Bridge connecting Crockett and Vallejo looms above the barge with the 1927 and 1958 Carquinez Straits bridges behind as the barge enters San Pablo Bay.


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