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First section of bridge pavement is here

June 16, 2004  

Bridge pavement begins to take form

The first piece of roadway was poured for the New Bay Bridge May 28 signaling the passage of another milestone in the span’s construction.

Crews built the first of what will be 28 sections that will be constructed atop the support columns. These are the only roadway segments that will be built at the bridge site. These special roadway sections are officially called “pier tables” as they sit above the supports, or “piers.”

Once the pier tables are complete, contractor KFM-JV can start attaching the hundreds of roadway sections already built at a sprawling facility in Stockton.

To find out more about the roadway portion of the project go to the Skyway Roadway Page.

The reinforcing steel skeleton of what will become a pier cap. Alongside the existing bridge, workers make final adjustments to the steel rods, or “rebar” that will strengthen the new bridge roadway.
A team of workers pumps wet concrete off a barge and into place as the first pier cap takes shape May 28 2004. As one worker makes sure the concrete is delivered in the right place, (center) another worker (back, right), levels the concrete with a trowel as plywood forms hold it all in place.
A close-up of a worker smoothing out wet concrete on the newly poured pier.
Part of the final work on the pier, a worker sprays a white protective coat to seal the drying concrete.
  Photos by Joseph A. Blum

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