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Roadway sections lined up in Stockton

May 7, 2004  

More than 130 roadway sections for the New Bay Bridge have been completed, as work continues at the Stockton Precast Yard. Workers are preparing for July when the first of 226 barge trips will ferry the roadway sections down river to San Francisco Bay for attachment to the bridge pier caps -- the supports now emerging from the bay. Each roadway section weighs about 800 tons. There will be 452 in the Skyway section alone.

The vast majority of the sections are identical and can be built in about a week's time. A total of 14 "hinged segments" containing state of the art earthquake dampening materials and special designs are custom built on a longer timeline. For the past two years, the men and women of KFM-JV have toiled in two shifts, assembling rebar, pouring concrete and working among giant equipment, to construct the gargantuan roadway pieces.

Roadway sections for the New Bay Bridge are arrayed in storage in Stockton, awaiting shipment by barge to the Bridge site.   With roadway sections curing nearby, workers pump concrete, beginning work on a new section.   Another view of roadway sections.

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